Friday, November 10, 2006

Rangel Wouldn't Live in Mississippi

Charlie Rangel is a great guy, whom I've met personally in his office.

But what if a Republican would make such an insensitive comment?

Didn't Trent Lott from that poor state LOSE HIS JOB after endless handbagging by the hyper-nannies of the ultra-left MSM after a JOKE, for chrissakes?

Leftist hypocrisy and double standards and forgiveness for repeat offenders [Al Gore and John Kerry come to mind] appears endless.

Their compassion and concern for lazy homeless criminals appears to outweigh their concern for honest tax-paying citizens.

And God Help some Republican who makes a bad joke or slip of the tongue---the dead-tree eunuchate rails for weeks.

No wonder foreigners think so lowly of the USA. They just have to read our MSM and come away convinced that the US has lost its backbone and will to survive.

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