Monday, November 06, 2006

Dems Start to Choke

The Dem intelligentsia begins to wring their hands as the polls tighten up. The dervishes on the Lamestream Media twirl and spin and whirl their huckster Dem snake oil cures. All for naught?

In the end, it's the voter who counts and is counted.

Just for laughs, The New Republic has this nugget on the polling:
But, to my mind, the most plausible explanation is that more conservative people tend to stay home on Saturday nights, while more liberal people tend to go out, which would give the poll a slight conservative bias.

Yeah, that's the ticket! But then again, aren't Republicans in bed so early that the phone remains unanswered!


By the same token, might not "more liberal people" be strung out on drugs and alcohol this Tuesday and forget or neglect to go to the polls?

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