Thursday, November 02, 2006

NYT Lies About Kerry, "Joke" and buries lede in 18th Para

The gullible collection of fools living on either side of Central Park, especially the West Side, sticks its collective muzzle in the trough of agitprop called the NYT. Patterico fisks, frisks and defenestrates the clumsy cover-up attempted by one of the Grey tabloid's lackluster B-List doucherinas. As Patterico pontificates:
on balance, probably was a botched joke. But John McCain disagrees. Tony Snow disagrees. A lot of our troops disagree.

But the journalist-wannabe at NYT isn't ready for prime time, probably never will be, and John Kerry has scotched his chances for 2008.

It couldn't have happened to a more sonorous, sententious, dishonest, insincere, phony shell-of-a-man, so that is the good news that the '06 elections have already brought us.

The New York Post just raced past the Daily News and now the downwardly-spiraling NYT will soon be ready to become the NYT numero due news-rag of choice, unless you count the national WSJ as an NYC paper. Then the second-rate NYT is already in second place.

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