Friday, November 10, 2006

Michael Steele as Head of RNC?

As a former Maryland resident who married a legislative assistant to Senator Paul Sarbanes, I took special interest in the recent Senate race, in which a conservative black Republican named Michael Steele almost pulled off what would have been a colossal upset.

Maryland politics is cynical and dishonest to a degree that nearly reaches New Jersey mobbed-up human jokes like Sen. Menendez. The senior Senator is a four-ten Lesbian with a horrific temper who runs through staff at a rapid pace. Her mind is small as a thimble. Cardin beat a black NAACP director who should have been the candidate, but Maryland Dems treat their large black minority as plantation hands and many angry upper-class blacks detest the Dems and are now card-carrying Repubs, or independents judging the candidate as a person.

I hope Steele runs against Mikulski, as she is a disgrace to her gender, the state, and the Dem party---which is hard to say for such a shameless den of miscreants and second-raters.

John Bolton is another Marylander who is getting shafted for being right---Bobo Mikulski is far more a bully and ideologue than this talented public servant. His problem: He discerns the UN for what it is, a barely useful institution run by a mafia of quarter-wits, half-wits, and ideologues whose attitudes approach Hugo Chavez on the lunatic scale.

I would make Michael Steele the next UN Ambassador, if this broad-gauge individual feels up to the task of working with kleptocrats, socialists, and crime-states. Or else another job in the Bush cabinet. Steele is a comer and losing to Cardin may have been a good career move!

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