Friday, November 10, 2006

Al-Qaeda Welcomes Dem Victory, Rumsfeld Departure

The Dems have a lot of admirers in the Middle East, not all of whom they should be proud of. The head of Al-Qaeda gloated over what he and his boss Osama consider a victory in the takeover of the Middle East and ultimately, Europe.

The profound political philosophy of UbL is based on America's Vietnam experience. Then and now, the Democrats oppose foreign involvements that involve America's military, which their Freudian-slip French fop Kerry reminded us is a despised component of US society among urbanized Europe-oriented Coastal Dems.

"I swear by God we shall not rest from jihad until we...blow up the filthiest house known as the White House," the voice on the recording said.

With Fifth Columns on both coasts, can a military collapse of the US be far ahead?

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