Friday, November 03, 2006

NYT Documents Show Osama and Saddam in Touch

The New York Times has become so dumbed-down that the venerable tabloid of fools tries an October/November surprise that backfires stupendously.

Gateway Pundit has a whole cartload of documents from the hoard which the NYT has selectively plucked a few anti-Bush leaflets, and demonstrated that the whole MSM agitprop campaign about Saddam having nothing to do with Al Qaeda is a raft of lies.

Indeed, things are going badly in Iraq, but the overall MSM take on Iraq is also a tendentious factitious pile of balderdash---one-sided and dishonest to its core.

The appeaser Dems are about ready to hijack the USS Free World and turn it into a multi-culti globalist welcome-wagon for terrorists.

Maybe there's still time for turning the big ship around, but I doubt it.

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