Friday, November 03, 2006

Soda-Plot Planes Were To Explode Over US Cities

While the mindless MSM howls at the moon over Global Warming and Iraqi nuke memos, it is strangely silent about the fact that the foiled "soft drink plot" a couple of months ago is being unravelled despite the efforts of the Mainstream Media to 1] deny a terrorist threat exists 2] blame Bush for preventing terrorist attacks [since they don't exist] and 3] claim that the Iraq War made the terrorists do what point #1 denies they are attempting to do!

Surely the Pulitzer Committee is going to give Kate Zernike a prize for spinning the Kerry "botched" attack on American troops into something else.

But will they have another category for ignoring a "botched" attack on US cities that might have killed tens of thousands of people?

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