Sunday, November 05, 2006

LAT, WaPo Have Doubts About Saddam's Trial

The factitious MSM ultra-left agitpreppie rags
called the Los Angeles Times [losing circulation at hemorrhaging rates] and the Washington Post are calling into question the verdict that Saddam should hang.

Of course, they employ anonymous "sources" and "legal experts" who wouldn't want their names associated with sympathy for this particular devil.

That's the modus operandi of the drive-by dinosaur media that is slipping into dead-tree obsolescence so quickly that five years from now, we may be saying "remember when the LAT used to publish and deliver door-to-door?

The Orange County Register will surpass the LAT in circulation the way LAT readership is plummeting.

And articles like "Sympathy for Saddam" are one of the reasons why....

I can't wait to see how the NYT and Boston Globe try to sidle over to Saddam's POV on his trial. I'm sure there are US trial lawyers, like the aggressively senile Ramsey Clark, who are at this moment trying to fashion an appeal for the mass murderer.

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