Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Serial Big-Mouth

Hugh Hewitt has
Mark Halperin admitting leftist media bias by the journalist herd of independent minds.

Last nite, Paula Zahn was told by a CNN Halloween creature named Suzanne Malveaux that "we think and we hope that this will all blow over soon," talking about Lurch Kerry's imbecilic remarks on the military. Zahn is smarter than the CNN cretinette Suzanne and opines that Paula doesn't think it will blow over that fast.

Suzanne is like the rest of her CNN colleagues, in the tank for the Democrats, and just now [1430 ET]the autistic blonde on CNN just gave Lurch Kerry's latest explanation of his dodo remarks sympathetic follow-up. But we have to get Wolfman and his Schneider/Greenfield cheering section to give us the "deep" perspective on why this is going to "blow over" so the MSM can get back to the job of trashing Repubs and touting Dem nostrums [Oh wait, the Dems haven't got any nostrum policies and are just counting on bashing Bush to win].

The lil Irish elf Russert was on Matt Lauer's Bush-bash Today Show and said that at the most, the Dems have "lost a couple of news cycles" before they can get back to their MSM Drive-By media Dead-Tree and Broadcast attacks on the Repubs. Suddenly, I think that Timmy boy has lost his cerebral cortex functions.

Lost-cause Chris Mathews spent much of his Hardline hour trying to resuscitate the Bush-bash life-form, just in time for Trick or Treat! But then Lurch Kerry lurched back on the air with another attack on the "Republican Hate Machine" and proved himself to the Repubs to be the gift that keeps on giving.

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