Monday, November 06, 2006

CNN Toilet Bowl Poll

CNN and Newsweak come out with polls far exceeding others in the extent of the margin Dems will win.

Newsbusters note:
just like Newsweek, CNN didn’t reveal the specifics of the polling questions, or the Party affiliations of the respondents. Any guesses why these organizations are choosing to keep this information from their readers?

Probably because the figures are as bogus as the two news-perps putting out this agitprop drivel.

Luckily, the number of viewers this sorry excuse for a network keeps plummeting, all the while they pronounce FOX-News on its deathbed because Fox has dropped from double the CNN viewership to less than double, although both are hemorrhaging as the public tires of tendentious drivel.

Remember when Ted Turner said that CNN would "crush Fox like a bug?" As usual, Ted was excreting that from his most productive orifice, and I don't mean his out-sized under-brained mouth!

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