Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why Pollard Will Never Be Released

Fifteen years ago I was told by the very highest US intelligence source outside the White House that Pollard would never be released, because as a matter of principle, Israel had committed a mortal sin against the USA. Pollard had managed to send the Israelis the TOP-SECRET codes and other dis-encrypted material on the location timetables and GPS of US nuclear sub movements over the next few months. That wasn't the problem. The problem was, according to this top US spy, that the Israelis had themselves taken it upon themselves to trade this intelligence on the nuke subs and their timetables to the USSR, in exchange for other information, presumably concerning the Middle East region, or for other trade-offs. Once the Pollard thefts were finally discovered, of course, the times and schedules were changed. However, a window of opportunity was open and much information that could be examined by the Soviets later was compromised.

For that reason, because Israel betrayed the US in such a manner as to totally compromise our national security, Pollard would rot in jail for the rest of his life, whinging and whining and all other things to the contrary notwithstanding. The US is punishing Israel, not Pollard.

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