Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh Canada, What a Shithole You've Become!

Free Booze is the latest cure for living in Canada and bearing the endless pain of being an institutionally exact third-rater by birth. It's even part of your passport...

James Taranto in the WSJ explains in his own tongue-in-cheek manner:
A Canadian walks into a bar in Vancouver and notices that the place is filled with disheveled bums. But he really wants a drink, so he stays anyway. "I'll have a Crown Royal neat, eh," he says to the bartender.

The bartender replies, "That'll be $100 [about US$98]." Then he observes, "You know, we don't get many well-dressed, gainfully employed customers in here."

The Canadian says, "At these prices, no wonder!"

This joke was inspired by a story from the Canadian Press:

Alcohol is the cheapest drug in B.C., says a report released Thursday by the Centre for Addictions Research, which recommends a hike in liquor prices to reduce illness and injuries.
CTV reports that according to the research, raising booze prices by up to 150% "could have a major impact on everything from hospital visits and traffic accidents, to venereal disease."

So far, so good. But "there's a concern" that if prices go up, "those who can't afford it" will "go to the less expensive, and far more damaging, rubbing alcohol, antifreeze and mouthwash to drink."

The proposed solution: "a controlled access program that gives free alcohol to homeless alcoholics." A socialized open bar! Those who drink responsibly pay more to bail out the real drunks.

At least the Obama administration hasn't caught up with this idea yet. If it does, the Long Island Iced Tea Party will have something to say about it.

"Long Island Iced Tea Party", pretty much sums up two problems, Canada and New York, sisters in incompetence and booze...!

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