Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pakistani NutJobs

Oh, give me that old soft shoe, nothing else will do!

Haqeeqat gives you an idea of what passes for journalism in Pakistan. The funniest line of all is:
What is stunning is how the elected Pakistani government is sanctioning the construction of probably the largest US embassy in the world in Islamabad. Just in the past two weeks, there have been several incidents of US diplomats carrying loaded weapons in public inside the Pakistani capital. In one incident a US diplomat carrying a weapon manhandled a Pakistani police officer outside the US embassy compound. The diplomat reportedly cursed the country that is hosting him. After some unnamed government officials suggested the diplomat might be deported, the whole story died down. The expansion work underway at the fortified embassy suggests that a military base of some sort is under construction, with sleeping barracks for hundreds of people.

Of course, within the last two decades, several times either armed mobs or organized terrorists in Islamabad have attempted to burn down the Embassy. Indeed, in one of my visits, the Embassy wing housing the signals and secure intelligence antennae had been attacked unsuccessfuly while another section of the Embassy had been partially burned to the ground. No western journalist reading this article would remember this, or perhaps bring it up, because it's not nice to do so and might jeopardize future interviews with high-ranking Paki officials. When I was there, I interviewed the Deputy Chief of ISI, whose unintelligible English might have been a ruse to throw me off the scent. The 'sleeping barracks' aren't for Marines, most likely, but for Embassy personnel who might have to evacuate their homes if Islamabad goes under martial law, after a military takeover, as it has several times in the unhappy history of this country's flirting and often unsuccessful attempts at democracy.

Funnier still is this sense that Pakistan is the cynosure of a grand US plot to take over the entire region, and the US's certain desire to submit Pakistan to subjugation by using Afghanistan as a base, also incidentally to threaten China, Iran, and Russia from Kabul. Only deluded Wikileaks-influenced morons could construct such a crazy leaning tower of Babel out of an embassy expansion and fortification, largely to ensure that the US isn't caught again unable to defend its own sovereign rights in a foreign capitaL:
Pakistan is not Iraq or Afghanistan under US occupation. So regardless of the silence of both President Asif Zardari and the supposed opposition leader Nawaz Sharif, who both are looking to Washington to accumulate power, strong resentment is brewing against this imperial American construction in the heart of the Pakistani capital.

Pakistan’s core contention with the US persists: how the US turned Afghanistan into a hub for anti-Pakistan forces from within and outside the region. US-occupied Afghanistan is a source of destabilizing Pakistan, China, Iran and Russia.

I would love to take several hits off the bong that this reporter is huffing and puffing on. The Puffington Host should hire him/her to fantasize for the benefit of the Left Coast loons stateside. They're already halfway there.

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