Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pats Shut Jet Coach Ryan's Mouth for Next Month or So

"I hate the Jets."

Tommy [Pinball Wizard] Brady showed that Bill Belicheck is the genius everyone thinks he is, and that Tom himself is the best QB right now in the NFL, with the possible exception of Big Ben Rothlisberger. And maybe Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers and Michael Vick. If Cam Newton wins the Heisman and goes pro, we'll see a 6'6" & 250 lb. version of Vick somewhere someday.

I hope and pray that the Pats do in the Bears in Chicago next week so the Packers can beat them in Soldier Field. But the Jets are coming to Miami next week and that's gonna show if Henne is going to be more than an occasional hot hand. He sure ain't close to his U. of Michigan mentor Brady in any compartment of the game yet. And he's built more like Ben R.

The NFL just keeps getting better and better and the Heat beat the Bucks while Dwyane got his number retired by my Alma Mater Marquette, where I also got a letter in Basketball [a minor for the B-Team in the high school, but still...!]

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