Friday, December 03, 2010

Idaho Better Place fir Investment than Iraq, California

Idaho's Lt. Gov. Brad Little is sanguine about Idaho's economic future:
Idaho is well-positioned for an economic rebound and will benefit from the poor fiscal condition of other states, Little said.
Long a source of economic migrants, California is so troubled that Idaho will again be an attractive alternative, he said. Little cited the Golden State’s tax increases, $50 billion debt, $500 billion in unfunded pension obligations and resistance to reform.
Another Little measure of California shakiness: the insurance premium on a government bond guaranteed by Iraq is lower than that on California debt.

“Why are you going to submit yourselves to that kind of business atmosphere down there?” Little said. “So that’s why I believe the experts think Idaho will be the mecca of job creation.”
Little spoke to the Associated Taxpayers of Idaho, a leading business group that drew dozens of legislators through the snow to its annual meeting Wednesday. Lawmakers will be sworn in Thursday and settle the makeup of committees, with plenty of changes expected.

Boise State may no longer be incontention for a BCS post-season game, but things are looking up in Pocatello and environs.

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