Saturday, December 04, 2010

Media Deathly Silent As Japan Abjures Kyoto Extension

Al Gore's
knickers are stained and twisted at Cancun as the Global Warming Hoax and the G77's hopes for a world government based on penalizing rich developed countries now seems to be collapsing of its own weight. The Climategate e-mails of last year plus the NYT's refusal to print them "because they may have been obtained illegally" while gleefully posting the Wikileaks endangering US government policies and even the lives of our military reveal that the NYT is Maurice Strong's butt-boy.

I hope that creepy NYT climate "journalist" is in Cancun filling his drawers with the emissions of his most productive orifice. Here's my little note to the Guardian:
The Japanese got smart and figured out what the USA knew all along, namely, that the entire anthropogenic global warming scheme was a hoax designed to get the rich, developed countries to pay off the poor, IQ-challenged countries while China and India, the world's largest polluters, watch and burn brown coal and firewood without paying 'carbon credits.'

Maurice Strong must be turning over in his grave in Beijing!!! Oh, I forgot. He's not dead, except above the neck and in his chest filled with Gorebot nonsense.

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