Friday, December 10, 2010

Palestinians Claim Israeli Fire Deliberate Attempt to Kill Pal Prisoners.

American Democrats resemble the Palestinian Authority in one respect, they are both insane, but evidently the "Demonrats" in the USA are taking their meds. Not so the PA Deputy Minister of Prisoners, Ziyad Abu Ein, who whined that:
Minister Abu Ein: "Yes, they created a lag and our [Palestinian] prisoners were endangered. Had there not been Israeli criminals or Jewish prisoners in this particular prison, it would have been even slower... If, Heaven forbid, this fire had been in the Negev, Nafha or Be'er Sheva prisons (for Palestinian security prisoners only, -ed.) there would have been an even greater danger, but the presence of hundreds of Israeli prisoners in this prison [Damon] spurred the ending [of the fire] and the evacuation of the prisoners. But still it was very slow."

We are talking very low end of the double-digit IQ scale for this demented Deputy Minister. Does this raghead sand monkey even consider the fact that a bus carrying prison guards to assist the withdrawal from the prison was incinerated, killing almost 30 Israeli guards, and JUST PERHAPS slowing down the rescue time?

Sand monkey Abu Ein also neglects the fact that it was a teen-ager blowing on a bong [water pipe or hookah] in the parched forest and scattering the hot coals carelessly about who started the fire. At least the sand monkey didn't claim the Israelis set the fire---this would have been the usual accusation, after this corrupt bloated caterpillar sitting on a mushroom got his monthly UN stipend check.

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