Monday, December 06, 2010

Exotic Alien Life Discovered---In California!!!

Michio Kaku writes in the WSJ about the new form of life that feeds on arsenic, aptly discovered in California where poison seems to have infected most of the population with some sort of medical marijuana sleeping sickness, where the zombies are elected to the State legislature, unless of course, if they're dead, and then they still get elected.

Of course, I just spent Saturday night [and early Sunday morn] watching eight episodes of "Entourage" on VH1, so the insanity of California's whack-job politics seems in context with Johnny Drama's grandiosity as the '90s hero of 'Viking Quest,' a long-gone show somehow inexplicably, like Jerry Lewis, still popular in France. Cannes is Johnny's bailiwick as he is instantly recognized everywhere, much like his friend Aquaman is in sunny downtown LA, who had a pro football team until it turned into Barbara Boxer on urban skateboards and now has the LA Galaxy, with Beckham showcasing a has-been status like LA's.

I just read a New Yorker piece about a gentleman named Eli Broad [rhymes with "code"] and its modern art "renaissance." Which brings me to the question, since 'renaissance' implies rebirth, when was LA ever a highbrow place to begin with? Black Dahlia murders and bad detective genres are the epitome of any artistic efforts the Hollyweird metropolis has attained. Hope they find the murderer of Ms. Chasen and find out he/she/it is an illegal alien.

Microbes aren't the only alien form of life in California.

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