Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Terrible Weather a Sign of GLOBAL WARMING???

The cultural and health commissars at Time trot out a stooge who seriously makes a case that the melting icecaps are warming up the oceans and causing terrible blizzards around the world. This dupe says the years 2001-2010 is the warmest decade on record, an obvious lie which is refuted thusly by an educated reader:
Strange how global warming alarmists like the writer never mention one of the best ways to look at long-term temperatures: the isotope data from Greenland ice cores, from which temperatures for thousands of years can be determined. The temperature record as read from a central Greenland ice core gives us about as close as we can come to a direct, experimental measurement of temperature at that one spot for the past 50,000 years. The data is not adjusted according to any machinations from a computer climate model by scientists in search of funding or prestige.

According to the ice cores in Greenland, the ten hottest years ever measured happened thousands of years ago and 2009 was not one of them. Using only temperature readings from a 125 year thermometer set is a very short time to look at when one is trying to understand Global Warming, but this period of time suits the environmentalists because it is a time in which temperatures happened to be wandering up. Why are they wandering up? The overall average temperature is higher today then 125 years ago because we are coming out of the "Little Ice Age" (16th to 19th centuries) a period of cooling that occurred after the Medieval Warming Period. This is another cyclical pattern that can be clearly seen in the Greenland Ice Core records.

Alarmists refuse to look at the big picture because it shows what they refuse to believe. The big picture is that for the last eleven thousand years, Global Temperatures have been going sideways while wandering up and down between 54 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. In this eleven thousand years there have been five up-spikes hotter than the year 2009. The current rise in temperature is merely a medium size upward movement.

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