Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Assange Queried: Where's the Money?

Time Mag Hero Assange is languishing in a Brit jail awaiting extradition to Sweden for unprotected rape. But the whoremonger son of a whore has mutiny in the ranks among his vassals:
A mutiny within WikiLeaks has former associates of leaker-in-chief Julian Assange charging that he's turned the web site into a cult of personality, and asking what has happened to the money.

In interviews to be broadcast tonight on World News with Diane Sawyer and Nightline, Assange's ex-colleagues talk about what prompted their falling out with the WikiLeaks founder, and their plans for a new, rival web site to be called OpenLeaks.

Known as Daniel Schmitt when he made public appearances with Assange last year, German "hacktivist" Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a member of the core group that launched WikiLeaks, has reverted to his real name since he defected this September.

He began working with Assange in 2007, when the Australian was little known outside the world of hackers.

The release of previously secret Pentagon tapes and state department cables put WikiLeaks on the map. Assange is now well-known enouigh to be a candidate for Time Person of the Year and the subject of a Saturday Night Live skit.

"He certainly is different today from the way that I met him," Domscheit-Berg told ABC News. "It's either his way or the highway, so he can command everyone like in the military. We are not people like that."

Ironically, his former colleague says Assange became enraged over leaks about him he thought were coming from inside WikiLeaks.

"Was this you?" Assange wrote during an on-line chat with Domscheit-Berg just before their split. "I didn't speak to Newsweek or other media," he responded.

"I am investigating a serious security breach," Assange replied. "Are you refusing to answer?"

"He's not the best person to deal with criticism, I would say," said Domscheit-Berg.

The exchange ended with Domscheit-Berg writing, "You behave like some kind of emperor or slave trader." Assange answered, "You are suspended for one month immediately."

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I can just hear the chorus of paranoid faggots and lesbians at WikiLeaks whining all the way from Europe and the Left Coasts that Dear Leader Julian is being set up by the evil capitalist system....

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