Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bush's "Decision Points" Sells 2 Million in less than a Month

Yesterday I got an online coupon from Barnes & Noble for a 35% discount and scooted over to the nearest B&N at the University Commons. When I asked the nearest clerk about the GWB auto-biography, she said it was 'sold out.' When I got in line with my second choice, Colonel Roosevelt, the fellow behind me had the same book and I mentioned that I'd come for the Bush autobiography, but it was sold out. He mused whether it had been written 'with crayons' and I recounted that John Lewis Gaddis, his history prof and the dean of American historians, had received unbidden a book report every month or so from GWB on the biography of some American POTUS that GWB had read in his spare time in the WH or Crawford. The guy said somebody else probably ghosted it, but I refrained from speculating out loud that Bill Ayers and his team of traitor-terrorists had written Obummer's two autobios, before the age of forty, thus showing the immense narcissistic bent which the Eurotards lap up like the lapdogs they are.

When I got to the cashier, I asked about Decision Points and she said that two days ago there had been 'a ton of the books' at the front of the store, but the huge pile had disappeared in a day, evaporated like a puddle in the hot sun [my metaphor!?].

The voluble and self-absorbed ClyntOOn's autobio, despite the plausible curiosity a perjuring sex-addicted oaf's description of his own narcissism [what is it with Demonrats' narcissistic tendencies, like the ineffable oaf Kerry or the insufferable oaf Gore?] in two terms in the White House, only managed 2.2 million in sales over the last five years, so GWB will probably pass that in one month, given the Christmas Rush and the palpable curiosity to hear him from his own words and not the funhouse mirror depiction of the lamestream media.

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