Thursday, December 09, 2010

RIP: Elizabeth Edwards

The Late Elizabeth Edwards

For all her positive virtues, Elizabeth Edwards lost any scintilla of admiration from me when I learned that she had discovered in 2006 that her stupid spouse was banging Rielle Hunter, the robo-skank coke fiend of the '80s Bonfire of the Vanities NYC 'club' scene, twenty years after her brief flirtation with fame and fortune crumbled. A few months later, Elizabeth agreed to his running for POTUS run anyway, though it's unclear if John E. knew that Elizabeth was aware of his hanky-panky.

And yet, this "highly-ethical atheist" showed what an oxymoron her personal beliefs had to do with anything when she continued to support her husband full throttle for a POTUS candidacy that would implode the moment his skank-princess was outed. Sadly, Elizabeth's opportunism won out over any sense of reality that sooner or later, the fabled squat would hit the fan.

Just what, if anything, was Elizabeth thinking, except perhaps that she could beat her own cancer and jawbone/buffalo her typical Democrat morally-challenged weakling of a spouse into some sort of covert arrangement by agreeing to keep the liaison secret---hoping he wouldn't get caught and she could disport herself as FLOTUS?

A typical Democrat.

She showed herself basically a run-of-the-mill ambitious virago of a sort often encountered in presidential politics. John Anderson's wife, when I worked in his '80 third-party campaign, was a bit like Elizabeth E, without the hypocrisy and preening self-righteousness.

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