Saturday, December 11, 2010

Iranian Mullahs Want Kindergarten Teacher Stoned

Sakineh sentenced to stoning

Sakineh is a young Azeri woman who doesn't speak Persian and when the sentence of her stoning was yelled aloud by the male chauvinist pig lawyer representing the evil corrupt mullahs behind the sentence, it was in Arabic and Sakineh uncomprehendingly left thinking she had been acquitted!!! That's how absurd the Iranian court system remains, and how the Azeris don't consider themselves Iranians.

Indeed, the shameless apologist for Iran at the U. of Michigan, a fraud prof named Juan Cole, who had lost a prospective job at Yale because of his enthusiastic support for the Ahmedinejad regime and all its works, was astounded when Azerbaijan's capital Tabriz checked in with a vote giving Ahmedinejad a huge majority over his opponent only TWO HOURS after the polls closed. Even the perplexed Cole had to admit that the election was a fraud, because Ahmedinejad's chief opponent who was thought to have support of close to 50% of the entire population of Iran was A CITIZEN OF TABRIZ, was of Azeri origins, and Azerbaijan was predicted to go heavily against Ahmedinejad when the fraudulent elections took place last year. Here's the New Republic article by a prominent French writer:
I know only a little about Sakineh. I know she was born into a poor and pious family in Osku, a town in the northwest of Iran, where women wear the hijab. I know she was a teacher in the town’s kindergarten, a very small school for children between two and seven, where the teacher does everything: takes care of the children, oversees the canteen where they eat, is a nursemaid for the little ones, and, for the older children, teaches them the rudiments of reading, arithmetic, drawing, and religion.

I also know—as the rest of the world does—that Sakineh has been sentenced by an Iranian court to be stoned for the crime of adultery. Convicted in 2006, Sakineh was initially sentenced to be whipped. Subsequently, she was sentenced to be stoned. Then, as she awaited her execution, the Iranians decided several months ago that she had not only cheated on her husband, who died in 2005, but murdered him as well.

As I have looked into her case, I have learned a few more things. She is Azeri, born in Iranian Azerbaijan, where people are very attached to local culture and few speak Persian. She was certainly literate in Azeri—which fits perfectly with the photo of her that Iranian friends sent me, where she is in the middle of her class, surrounded by little students who seem to adore her—but not in Persian. This explains why she did not understand her sentence of stoning when a judge had her sign it in 2006. Moreover, when the sentence came down, when the representative of the five mullahs who, three against two, judged her to be guilty of adultery, roared the fatal word “stoning,” it was not even in Persian, but in Arabic. And so Sakineh, uncomprehending, signed the statement and then cheerfully went back to the patrol wagon that would return her to prison. She believed that she had been acquitted.

The rest of the article goes on to how the Iranian authorities are making a great effort to obtain a forced confession by this young woman accused of murdering her husband, who was having an open affair with another woman. Apparently, in Iran a male adultery doesn't get noticed by the corrupt mullahs.... They're too busy in the back rooms making young boys present their backsides to the holy schwanstueckers of the ayatollahs, mullahs, and run-of-the-mill Basanji faggots who run Iran at the moment.

Here and here are other articles about Sakineh and her ridiculous situation.

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