Thursday, December 09, 2010

Damyankees! Crawford and Gonzalez to Red Sox!

Run Like the Wind Only Faster

The Red Sox have done it and now if the nutso Cajun can get back his Closer Vibe, the Crimson Hose may have a shot at dethroning the Evil Empire---even if the damyankees sign Cliff Lee. Tampa Bay lost a future Hall of Famer when Carl Crawford, the fastest and strongest outfielder in the Major Leagues, went to Boston, where he will fit into an outfield packed with hitters and fielders.

Carl is still in his twenties, so the Red Sox got a much better deal than the Nationals for the 32-year old Jason Werth, for about the same amount of change and years in his contract. Wouldn't it have been something if the Sox had also got Evan Longoria after ditching Adrian Beltre at third base....!

Looks like baseball is getting to be more and more like politics: just follow the money.

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