Thursday, December 09, 2010

When Is Barry Soetero Going to Grow Up?

Barry Soetero, Jakarta-born Socialist

Michael Barone gently points out once again what a silly oaf Barack Obama is turning out to be as a POTUS. After months of describing the Republicans as people who would 'sit in back' while he drove [a not so subtle dig at the back-of-the-bus tropes of yesteryear] because they had 'driven the car into the ditch,' this perfectly silly
president who first came to national attention for expressing respect for those with whom he differed insisted that he was eager to "fight" Republicans and described them as "hostage takers," with the American people as hostages. Not much evidence of civility.
Of course, this is after the deal was done on a handshake basis. This no-class doofus had previously described the GOP as 'our enemies' on a Hispanic radio network, so this specimen of stupidity was actually on the edge of inciting a race war on top of a class war---typical Alinsky tactics.

Not to be outstupified by reality, the ultra-left marxist wing of the Democrat screeching harridans and brain-dead gay lisping stutterers [Barney Frank, call your office] then yelped that Obama had betrayed them by compromising on a class warfare issue close to their frozen hearts.

Barone is one of the most knowledgeable observers of the DC political scene with an unusual grasp of the outside-the-Beltway political landscape, as he has for decades been the principal author of The Almanac of American Politics, an awesome reference work concerning US governors and federal politicians, and published biennially by National Journal. Here he comes up with an insight worthy of Niccolo Machiavelli:
Over the years I've noticed that politicians tend to view the whole nation through the prism of their electoral base, even when they know it's not typical. On Monday and Tuesday, Obama seemed to be aiming his remarks at the 13th state senate district of Illinois, which he designed and which is about 60 percent black and 25 percent gentry liberal, not to the political independents who supported him and his party in 2008 and then went heavily Republican last month.

Barone has said out loud that this Emperor has no clothes. The latest Gallup Poll has his approval rate below that of GWB, the much reviled POTUS that the witless mental defectives on the American left still maintain is the devil incarnate.


Barone sums up the weak argument that Obama advanced after insulting his Republican partners and assuring the Democratic base that he knows better:
Obama lauded the health care bill jammed through Congress by Democratic leaders and, addressing liberal complaints that it lacked a public option, said it could be expanded as Medicare was. That might mollify liberal Democrats but will repel independents who opposed and still oppose Obamacare by wide margins.

Obama did argue that "tax breaks for wealthy individuals" are unpopular and would prove a political liability for Republicans in 2012. But for every poll supporting that proposition you can find another going the other way; it all depends on how the question is worded.

The strongest part of the press conference came when Obama told liberal Democrats that robust economic growth will make everything easier. That's true: Robust growth produces a boom in revenues far beyond what government statistical models predict. In 1995 President Clinton refused to even promise to balance the budget, but the tech boom generated enough revenue to do so a few years later.

But that raises the question of why the economy has been growing at such a limp rate two years into the Obama administration. The specter of higher taxes on high earners -- delayed now for two years, but still threatened by the president -- surely has done something to choke off growth.

So has uncertainty about the extent and cost of the administration's regulatory policies -- which are not limited by the deal on taxes. Extension of unemployment benefits, arguably good policy at a time when jobs are genuinely scarce, tends to perpetuate unemployment as the economy grows, by inducing some workers to hold out for higher-paying jobs. The tax deal is certainly better for the economy than political gridlock over extending the tax cuts. How much better is uncertain.

But the Democratic base seems more interested in expanding government than in stimulating the economy. They are bellowing with rage not so much at Obama but at the reality that he is grudgingly acknowledging. They had their time and now it's gone.

However, the hardest thought for a self-entitled 20% minority of Americans to entertain is that their much vaunted higher IQ and better educated elites can get things completely wrong, as very fashionable and very silly buffoons like Paul Krugman and other Democrat economists [not Larry Summers, who actually has a couple of honest bones in his body] preach ridiculous already discredited marxist nostrums to ignorant feminists, gays, and the rest of the perv lumpenproletariat of the Democrat sophomoric synod.

Barone doesn't mention the Gallup Poll finding two-thirds of Americans of ALL parties APPROVE the compromise.

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