Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Every Dog Has Its Day, and Assange Gets Rabid

Boy-bitch Julian, "If You Cross Me, I'll Get You, My Pretty!"

The Australian has an article with the headline "WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange turns on everyone" which pretty much sums up this cornered dog's snarling as his high-handed egomania is outed through his own favorite weapon---leaks.

Including the Guardian, which decided to reward him for getting the choicest stolen e-mails and confidential messages by hacking into the Swedish police indictment, which makes this fellow look and sound very much like the rapist he is accused of being.

Ha ha ha.

"Hoist by his own petard" is the old-fashioned way of describing his fate.

And from the many different other descriptions by his former colleagues and friends of his high-handed dictatorial treatment of them after they shared resources and did essential work for him, he is the "boss" from hell.

I sincerely hope they indict, extradite, and punish this specimen of Stalin-wannabe as severely as the law allows.

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