Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crazy Catholic Quarterbacks

The Democratic Underground isn't full of religious sentiment, but it gave me this ca-raazy coincidence:
Don't doubt the Crazy Catholic Mojo when it comes to football. The Almightly is definitely paying attention.

At the end of November, 1942, Holy Cross was playing in its annual tilt against Boston College. BC had dominated the matchup, but for some reason that day, Holy Cross rose up and destroyed BC 50-0. The BC players, naturally despondent at the defeat, did not go out to the club they had chosen for their victory party.

That club was the Coconut Grove, which burned that night killing 492 people. This was the fire that caused the zoning rule which dictated that all exit doors open outwards instead of inwards. The rule came because most of the dead in the Coconut Grove died of smoke inhalation while piled up against the front door, which opened inwards.

God watches Catholic college football, and occasionally, gets involved.

I'd been thinking of all the first-rate Catholic QBs like Favre, Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, the Mannings, and a whole lot more like Jaworski, Marino, Kosar [who wore a crucifix conspicuously while he QB'd for the Browns], Jim Kelly, and on and on.

When I was in Ireland last summer, I was watching on TV a couple of the brutal sports that pass for recreation there and the fact that rugby originated in the Auld Green Sod and I wondered if American football might have some Irish DNA.

Just asking....

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