Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Clapper Wins Douchebag of the Week Prize Among Obama Retards

Napolitano the Lez Bean might be working 364 days a year [minus Christmas Day when the crotch-bomber from hell flew into Detroit], but the US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper didn't hear until yesterday night on Diane Sawyer's show that 12 men were arrested in the UK planning an Al-Qaeda-inspired attack. ABC had had the story headlined on Good Morning America, so it was old news for most Americans, but not for the ignoramus nitwit [meaning average Obama cabinet member] Clapper. So Napolitano and Clapper are both asleep at the wheel and we are acclaiming a dodo of a POTUS for pushing through a pro-Russian START Treaty.

Wow, I hope the US survives until the 2012 elections...!

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