Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Insanity Rules on NYT Comment Pages

Syria has blown up Lebanon's President Hariri, which stood in the way of its taking over Lebanon and turning it into a failed socialist workers' paradise ruled by sectarian cronies like Syria. Here is my response on the NYT comment section of the article above:
Looks like the usual crowd of America-hating lumpenproles are complaining about US arms while a criminal regime like Syria is selling missiles to terrorists. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization that treats women like Tamza as chattel, period, and wants to kill every Jew in the world, bar none. I am a former State-Dept. trained Arabist who served in US embassies in the Middle East [and dated Barbara Bodine] and I am aware how a lot of FSOs become enamored of their Arab "clients." But Hamas and hezbollah are Sunni and Shi'ite terrorist organizations respectively, and anyone who supports them or their suppliers is either gullible or actively acting out being an anarchist. Or nihilist. Syria is a criminal regime which is run by a 12% Alawite minority, a Shi'ite sect, and which has terrorized its own Sunni majority for a good forty years. Iran is a rogue regime in the region seeking hegemony. Yet the comments above appear to look inward and somehow blame ourselves, the US, for the difficulties that region faces. The Saudis would much prefer the US and Israel to be partners than rogue outfits like the Syrian gangsters around Assad who killed Lebanese president Hariri and are killing duly elected Lebanese politicians and journalists with the help of the Hezbollah to overthrow Lebanese democracy. I hope the self-righteous posters above feel good about their self-destructive and ignorant behavior.

The NYT has become an important member of the enemies of Israel, and prefers socialism to democracy---what the NYT savants call Social Democracy, just to keep the nomenclature clear for the Nomenklatura.

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