Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Obama a Crypto-Socialist ACORN Plant? And Not a Mighty Oak Yet, For Sure!


Stanley Kurtz has been following Obama's Chicago career for a decade and a half in the Tribune, one of the few MSM reporters who actually dig for an investigative scoop. Here is his outstanding bombshell on Patrick Gaspard, doing the work the NYT & its pilot fish refuse to do. Patrick Gaspard is Political Director in the White House, occupying Karl Rove's old office:
With the revelation that White House Director of Political Affairs, Patrick Gaspard, has close ties to Bertha Lewis and to ACORN, Matthew Vadum and Erick Erickson appear to be onto something significant. While the Gaspard matter needs further investigation before we form any hard conclusions, it certainly seems to confirm that President Obama’s ties to a whole series of ACORN-controlled organizations are neither minor nor by any means long-past. In fact, making use of what Erickson and Vadum have discovered about Gaspard, we can trace these links still further.

There’s been a good deal of attention to ACORN of late, and deservedly so. Yet for all the fuss, what is arguably the most important Obama-ACORN tie of all has gotten short shrift. During the 2008 election, Obama’s close links to the far-left New Party were revealed and explored (although not by the mainstream press). Yet many seem to have forgotten that the New Party, particularly in Chicago, was dominated by ACORN (and by an ACORN-controlled SEIU union local). During the campaign, I detailed Obama’s New Party ties in two pieces, "Something New Here," and "Life of the New Party." Important evidence of Obama’s pursuit of the New Party endorsement can also be found in the September-October 1995 issue of "New Ground," newsletter of the Chicago chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Obama’s New Party ties matter because they show that his links to ACORN went far beyond shared on-the-ground organizing, legal representation, training, or even funding (although all of those ties existed and were important). By running for office with the New Party, Obama was effectively indicating that he shared ACORN’s radical political goals.

Gaspard was back in '95 the organizer of the New Party, a hard-left socialist/communist amalgam and Obama was about to run for State Senate of Illinois, and his funding information for his election in '96 has conveniently "disappeared" along with his Columbia U. thesis in '85 on US/Soviet nuclear disarmament. If unearthed, I'm sure Kurtz's suspicions that Obama was boosted into Chicago politics by outside hard-left financing from the New Party and the Workers' Party might be verified. Unlike most politicos, the hard left is pervasively dishonest and studies the methods of the Soviet era to get its M.O. straight. [No surprise that KGB documents that surfaced during a brief thaw in the late '90s indicated a cryto-advance by James Earl Carter, going bankrupt on his peanut farm, and Teddy Kennedy, thankfully dead, to the Kremlin for strategic assistance on getting Ronald Reagan defeated by Walter Mondale, As with most Democratic treason, these two feckless sh*ts were unsuccessful and the American media didn't look into the allegations [which even if false, merited investigation]. Kurtz ends with:
No doubt, some will dismiss the newly revealed connections between the Obama administration, Patrick Gaspard, Bertha Lewis, and ACORN as "guilt by association." Yet it seems to me that the evidence points to something more significant than that. We are talking about a persistent and shared political-ideological alliance between President Obama and the complex of community, labor, and party organizations controlled by ACORN. (See especially "Life of the New Party" for more on New Party ideology.) Again, the Gaspard issue is new and needs further investigation and consideration. Yet preliminary indications are that the Gaspard-ACORN-Bertha Lewis-New Party-WFP-SEIU ties are significant, and tell us something disturbing about the political ideology and intentions of President Obama. In particular, the connection between Gaspard, Lewis, the New Party, and the Working Families Party ought to draw our attention back to what may ultimately be the most important Obama-ACORN tie of all, his time with Chicago’s New Party
What we cannot forget is that Obama actually said with a straight face to one MSM reporter intrepid enough to ask a question about ACORN: "I was unaware that ACORN was receiving any government funding."

In spite of the fact that ACORN has been getting some sort of government funding since the mid-nineties, when he was representing that criminal RICO racketeering scofflaw organization as legal counsel. Needless to say, the intrepid reporter asked no follow-up question, probably mindful that his managing editor or TV producer would quickly remove him from a White House beat if he disturbed He who is "well aware of the expectations that accompany my presidency around the world,"

This narcissistic reincarnation of Akhnaten has himself as the godhead of a lurch leftward that will destroy any remaining influence, economic or geopolitical or military, that the USA has around the world.

Jimmy Carter gave it a good start with his Community Reconstruction Act, but his "detritus interruptus" agenda was halted by Ronald Reagan.

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