Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Unintentional Death by "Misdiagnosis" in NHS

The Telegraph has an article that shows studies indicate that one out of six cases is misdiagnosed in the UK. Actually, the article says the percentage might be much higher, but the notoriously reticent British don't often complain if no serious consequences, leaving many medical mistakes unreported.

Given the marvelous efficiency of the VA system of hospitals [my pop-in-law has been waiting since March for a special hearing aid he qualified for under a new VA program], imagine how much fun ObamaCare will be when it is run by caring liberal functionaries appointed by congresscritters and senators who have their own gold-plated healthcare far above the teeming throngs of run-of-the-mill citizens, including newly amnestied illegal immigrants who will flood the system with sick relatives who will sneak into the USA to escape their own sweltering hellholes.

Since the American mainstream media has obviously forgotten any and all principles of journalism and due diligence, Americans must look to European precedents to see how a public US health system might [mal]function. One article from either the Telegraph or the Daily Mail quoted a Brit doc who worked for the NHS and had his own private practice as well---"my private operation avoids FOUR or FIVE levels of management the NHS imposes."

ObamaCare will make Big Government REALLY REALLY BIG! Great to have more levels of management, although there is a school of thought that persists in saying that competition does drive down the cost of medical care. How quaint!

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