Saturday, September 19, 2009

Roger Mudd Calls Kennedy Memoirs "Complete Fabrication"

Teddy ran against Jimmy Carter in 1980 because the Israeli Lobby wanted the unctuous little meddlesome creep to butt out of its affairs. I was John Anderson's Middle East Advisor for about two months until I offended the Lobby by writing a speech for Anderson that he delivered at the largest synagogue in LA [introduced by Ed Asner] that didn't have the "canonical" language insisted upon. I found from the Finance folks in Anderson's back offices that 70% of Anderson's money was from Jewish sources. So Kennedy mousetrapped Jimmy from the left while Anderson squeezed him from the right. Jimmy hates the American Jewish community to this day for that lese majeste and has become a rabid anti-Semite. BTW, George H.W.Bush had a variation of the media rondelay played against him when Ross Perot, after demonstrating craziness on several levels and dropping out [N.Koreans disrupted his daughter's wedding], decided to reenter and all was forgotten, because the media's target was GHWB. But Bush is a mensch and doesn't hold a grudge, unlike the wimp who gave us four years of mush.

But I digress. Roger Mudd lost his shot at the anchor job at NBC [the drunken Kennedy lies about everything, even that] after interviewing Teddy on Cape Cod and EMK effed up the job completely. Fat Teddy asked for a re-do DC and Roger complied, but committed the unforgivable sin of journalism, asking the hung-over drunken murderer [and in '83-84 traitor trying to get Kremlin help for Mondale according to KGB documents, along with the bitter Jimmy] why he wanted to be president. Kennedy wracked his liquor-soaked brain and mumbled and stuttered and lost the nomination.

Of course, in the addled brain of an alcoholic, it was all Roger's fault and a willing suck-up named Brokaw, now on the
Robin Hood Foundation's board sluicing Soros money to ACORN as I write this, came in and for twenty years, Duncan the Wonder Horse bored us all while Dan Blather lied to us all and network news swirled down the porcelain gateway to where it is today, in a septic tank where the biggest chunks float to the top.

CNN came to fill the vacuum and ten years later, Murdoch introduced FoxNEWS which Turner predicted CNN "would squash like a bug." Yeah, Ted. How's that alcoholic haze going for you? You and Teddy suck from the pewter pot and see the world as the world is not. [Apologies to A.E. Housman]

I forgot, Teddy's dead, victim of healthcare that no one of us readers could ever afford.

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