Sunday, September 06, 2009

MIT's TechnologyReview on clean coal

Andrew Perlman opens his tinyurl thusly:
Burning coal is the single largest source of globalgreenhouse-gas emissions, and coal is not going to go away anytime soon. It is by far our largest energy resource--Illinois alone has more British thermal units (BTUs) of coal than Saudi Arabia and Kuwait combined have BTUs of oil. Coal now meets 50 percent of U.S. electricity needs, and its use in countries such as China and India is growing. Clearly, we need to find a way to use coal without generating harmful emissions, as an interim solution to one of the biggest threats to society.

Link to the article for more on why the loony ravings of House Speaker Granny Rictus on coal are as crazy as her froth-mouth gibbering about insurance companies, swastika-wearing townhall tea party denizens and just about everything....

Technology Review has a piece on Fr. Lemaitre, the "discoverer/inventor" of the Big Bang, but it's not online. Fr. Lemaitre got his PhD from MIT in '27 & has Marcia Bartusiak singing his praises, but once again, the good abbe has been shuffled out of the mainline and is not on the online version of TR, although he is highlighted on the cover.

For an interesting bio on this Belgian Jesuit who was smarter than Einstein and Hubble, and much more humble!, check out the link and as a bonus, a cool graphic sidebar showing the Big Bang [a term of derision invented by a nasty Brit physicist which became the nowadays iconic term].

Lemaitre's convincing Einstein that Herr Albert was wrong gained Einstein the Papal Gold Medal, which vainglorious Al liked as much as his Nobels.

Ask any student of a Jesuit University, the Jebbies are the best teachers in the world. And they're not bad as research scientists either!

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