Friday, September 11, 2009

Beeb Buries Lede, To The VERY END of Story!

The BBC has an ambivalent take on the Taliban, at least in Pakistan, it would appear. Orla Guerin has shifted her pro-Hezbollah and pro-Hamas allegiances to Pakistan where she pollutes the BBC Evening News with pro-Taliban, pro-AlQaeda agitprop, evidently with strong Beeb support from her managing editor.

The BBC also has a different twist on the capture of Muslim Khan, the Swat insurgency's top Taliban, whom Orla and her IRA compadres praise with faint damnation in an article which, in the very last few paragraphs, as an afterthought, tells what is REALLY going on in the Swat Valley. After noting the Taliban terror brigades displaced two million Swat residents, the Beeb says:
Although many have returned, there is still unrest and bloodshed in the troubled district. Fighting is still reportedly continuing in isolated pockets.
And in recent weeks, more than 200 corpses have been found across the valley.
The killings have been carried out execution-style and the bodies are believed to be of suspected Taliban.
Security forces have strenuously denied carrying out extrajudicial killings as part of their offensive. They claim local residents are behind the attacks.
While this remains unconfirmed, local residents have formed tribal militias to take on militants in what correspondents say is a new development for the region.
In early September, members of a local tribal militia killed three suspected insurgents.
The army has been encouraging the voluntary tribal fighting forces, which exist in other parts of north-west Pakistan.

Oh, the humanity! Local residents resist terrorists whom the BBC glorifies and kill them without fair judicial process when they are rooted out. I hope Orla and her camera crew imitate Mr. Farrell of the NYT and go up there to investigate first-hand.
Oops, no Brit Special Forces to protect this sport of nature. Guess journalism cedes to Entertainment Tongiht celebrity values.
POSTSCRIPTSlate five days later picks up the New York Times' latest crime, this a sin of commission, against journalism on the issue:
The recent push to root the Taliban out of Swat Valley has been praised by Washington officials as an example of how the Pakistani government has gotten serious about targeting militants. But as "perhaps hundreds" of bodies have been dumped on the streets lately, it could raise new questions about Washington's alliance with the Pakistani military, which has already come under fire from lawmakers. The military says it isn't involved in any extrajudicial killings and insists revenge killings by civilians, a relatively common phenomenon in the area, are to blame. But many human rights activists and regular citizens say there has been something suspiciously similar about the way the victims have been tortured and killed. Officials believe the military may be trying to keep support for the Taliban in check while it also seeks revenge for the numerous army casualties.

The New York Times continues its rabid journalistic fervor overseas while Jill Abrahamson, whom I would talk to when she was at the Wall Street Journal back in the day, can't seem to run any investigative stories [sins of omission] on ACORN [nor can it find space to review Mark Levin's three-month bestseller in its Sunday Book section.

Guess journalism [again] cedes to Entertainment Tongiht celebrity values. Libtard values prevail at the Grey Lady whose dead-tree days are numbered in the hundreds rather than the thousands.

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