Thursday, September 17, 2009

Manchurian Candidate James Earl Carter Continues Program to destroy USA

Buffoon baboon Chavez signs a $16 billion deal to supply the PRC with fuel. How? Through the Panama Canal, most probably, signed to Panama by Spider Monkey Carter in the seventies and now under control of China. At the same time that Russia & China sign long-term petroleum deals with Iran and Venezuela, the Speaker[ette] of the House and Dingy Harry Reid cooperate with Dear Leader Obambi to restrain development of US oil reserves onshore and offshore. RINO Gov. Crist of FL had his cat's paw Lemieux put a hold on FL offshore oil development. Even dimwit Martinez never would have been so stupid. And Sen. Nelson didn't need to do so, since he relies on RINOs like Crist to do his dirty work. And the Gore-bot continues his fake Global Warming crusade just to keep the American patriots off-balance. And Cap & Trade will cost every American $2000 while China, India, and Russia do nothing to counter emissions. Just because the EU is in terminal decline doesn't mean the USA should march blindly to the march of the lemmings.

Just saying.....

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