Monday, October 05, 2009

AP Blames Obama Unemployment on Reagan?

James Taranto lays bare the transparent attempts at the MSM to make the current bad economic news look okay. Charlie [What's ACORN?] Gibson, the guy who ponied up furiously to learn the "Bush Doctrine" in order to bushwhack Sarah Palin, is the phoniest [leaving out Dan Rather, who long ago retired the lifetime achievement merde-pour-cerveau English language award for lying through one's teeth] example in James' recent survey. Reason: Phony Charlie pops up both in '83 & '09 spreading disinformation to two separate generations, and may well yet be the new eponymous "Rather Blather" record holder for length of time between fervent lies to advance the libtard cause. Here is living fossil Gibson in both incarnations:
...Charles Gibson illustrated how dramatically different the network coverage of Reagan and Obama really were.
Gibson, who was a Capitol Hill correspondent for ABC in 1982, told viewers May 7, 1982, "There really isn't any good news in the statistics. All the numbers are bad." He then quoted two Democratic attacks on Reagan including Rep. Henry S. Reuss, D-Wis., who charged that Reagan's "policies aren't just mistaken, they're wicked."
But as an ABC anchor in 2009, Gibson was full of hope. He introduced that night's story saying "sometimes a bad jobs report can look good."
"345,000 Americans lost their jobs in May, a big number to be sure. Traumatic if you are one of the 345,000. But the number was smaller than economists had predicted, and that's good news," Gibson said before admitting that the unemployment rate of 9.4 percent was "pretty bad." Neither Gibson, nor reporter Betsy Stark mentioned President Obama at all that night.
On Aug. 7, 2009, Gibson suggested "the economy may be finally turning the corner."

Diane Sawyer will be a welcome replacement, as Charlie wore out my BS detector more frequently than Katie C., but not as often as Champ Chump Bri-boy Williams, who has an inside track as he works for the most venal TV outlet of all, one so badly run that it is hoping that GE will be the next GM, and be taken over by the Govt to get it out of debt.

In the meantime, enjoy the bad times an d keep telling yourself that "si, se puede" works for dumb venal business types too.

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