Thursday, September 17, 2009

Missile Shield Insanity

If they ever give out Pulitzers for blogging,Tom Maguire would be my candidate. His commenters are as astute as any, and his analysis world-class, in this case, deconstructing the silly arguments for eliminating the missile-shield.

I for one would like to have a peek at [Manchurian Candidate?] Obambi's [conveniently disappeared] thesis at Columbia on US/Soviet disarmament. I'm sure it would give cynical lil Vlad Putin a few chuckles.

Strange how Obama's biographers will have giant holes in their search for records [including his Illinois State Senate records, also gone amissin']. What have I left out?

Parenthetically, I happen to be reading Anna Politkovskaya's Putin's Russia at the moment, not a book that would ever be on Ellen Tauscher, the Undersecretary of State for Arms Control's reading list. Anna's murder was caught on camera two years ago, but strangely no suspect has surfaced....!

The Poles are betrayed once again, and Putin is arming up Chavez to the hilt. i

Last nite WorldFocus on our PBS channel had a piece on the rehabilitation of Stalin in Putin's Russia. Afterward, Nina Khrushcheva, granddaughter of the Soviet dictator and now teaching at the New School in NYC, said that Russia is grandiose and a separate civilization in itself and that the West had to recognize that. She then said that Dostoievsky once wrote that Russian history is always a battle between progress and beauty---reminiscent of Ruth Benedict's Chrysanthemum and the Sword, written during World War II on Japan.

Putin's office inherited Stalin's office in the Kremlin and has Stalin's entire personal library in bookcases on the walls surrounding his desk. He is fond of showing visitors passages in books Stalin read where the brutal Tartar underlined the words or annotated in his own handwriting. It is clear that Vlad The Empoisoner means to return to some sort of autocratic rule masquerading as democracy---he means to do it by subjugating the "Near Abroad" and Obambi's move today demonstrates that his tactics are working.

And if one opposes Putin, ask that former Polonium-poisoned KGB source in London, or for that matter, Anna Politkovskaya, about the best methods to do so. Oops, you can't. They are both dead from the same reason.
The tedious PBS Lehrer clone WorldVision had two apologists for Obama's insane stupidity tonight, one an arrogant female named Robbins from the NYT and another purporting affiliation with a foreign policy group. Their arguments remained completely oblivious to the fact that the NYT was embarassed at being newsworthy by pointing out the 70th anniversary, or as I put it in a note to TMV:
Of course it's about Russia, although the Groupthinkeers on the NYT/WaPo DNC foreign policy agitprop squads would like to have you think otherwise. They are Obamamaniacs who actually extracted the exceedingly embarrassing eff-up of announcing the missile decision on the 70th Anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Eastern Poland, according to the agreement of the Molotov/Ribbentrop Pact in August, 1939. Putin must be ROTFL uproariously at Obama's imbecilic timing. [The NYT thought the timing so incredibly bad that they excised the offending paragraph, actually noting this ridiculous mistake, off their online article. WITHOUT REPORTING THE CHANGE---in line with Bill Keller & Pinch Sully-berger's dedicated campaign to make the NYT the "fishwrap of record."] This ridiculous timing error adds to the moronic removal of the "tripwire" and of linkage, violating two basic tenets of World Diplomacy and Political Military Affairs 101.

"ArmsControlWonks" are pretty much evenly divided, though they do like the technical side of things. However, EVERY single European politician and diplomat who isn't under Putin's thumb knows that one HUGE bargaining chip in the fight to keep European energy from becoming completely under Putin's control has just been removed. The Eastern Europeans have no lost complete confidence in the US's ability to be a foreign policy leader. Obama has done in months what took Jimmy Carter three years to do.

For those who actually understand these things, Putin's next goal is the Baku/Ceyhan Pipeline through Georgia, which sparked last year's August Russian invasion. These matters are light-years above Rudi's foreign policy skill sets, but serious people don't rely on the NYT and the jabberwocky MSM to define what is a foreign policy mistake. And Obama who was always punching above his weight with Putin, has just moved from a flyweight down to a featherweight. This dude is making Carter's give-away of the Panama Canal to [eventually] China look like a brilliant move!

The Democrats always wonder why people think they are weak on national security. Obama once again demonstrates why.

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