Sunday, September 20, 2009

What Color is a Chameleon?

Bismarck in the late nineteenth century is famously quoted as having said "God has a special providence, for drunks, children, madmen, and the United States of America." At the time, the US had pulled out of a disastrous Civil War and was in the middle of an astounding age of rapid development, derided by Charles Beard and other academicide victims as the age of "The Robber Barons."

Reading Stanley Kurtz's study of Obama's early years in the Weekly Standard, one has to wonder if the USA has come to the end of its run of exceptionally good luck both economically and in foreign affairs.

The picture Kurtz paints is of a young Obama obsessed with his racial identity and trying to out-left former Black Panther Bobby Rush in his run for Congressional nomination in '99-00. More disturbing is the depiction of Obama as a sort of one-trick pony in his mysteriously funded [the records of his State Senate campaigns' donations have, like his ColumbiaU graduation thesis, mysteriously "disappeared"] eight years as a State Senator in Springfield. He is resolutely an advocate of affirmative action and set-asides, and his attention-span with issues outside his core of expanding a new War on Poverty [bigger than the one we lost with LBJ] appears minimal.

The fact is that the American people have been sold a "pig in a poke." We are finding out about this POTUS in his OTJ month by month and the first trimester doesn't look promising. As Kurtz's article notes, Obama is essentially a spender and has little regard for the fiscal niceties of deficits, let alone the monetary consequences of massive borrowing to fund the $9 trillion deficit, larger in nine months than GWB amassed in eight years.

And his spending is socially targeted, as in the minority quotas he demanded in Chicago for black neighborhoods and construction projects. His political henchmen in Hyde Park were rabid in demanding 70% of all civic construction projects be minority run. Often this simply resulted in housing projects being built rapidly and shoddily, only to fall apart because the companies failed to follow through with their maintenance contract responsibilities.

However, with Obama, it is social justice and economic redistribution of income that trumps any efficient use of public funds. And the more important problem is that Obama always wanted to tax more and spend more and grow government at the expense of the private sector, if his eight years in the State Senate are any indication of his true beliefs.

As we have begun to realize after being flim-flammed by a dishonest and neglectful mainstream media, Obama has a history of far-left social and economic agenda items he pursued while in the Illinois Senate that now appear to be on the national agenda, if he can manage to fool all the people all the time.

But as another POTUS from Illinois famously observed "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people, some of the time. But you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

Lotsa luck, Obama, because you are starting to be found out for whom you really are.

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