Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dear Leader Brobambi PLedges Missile Defense From Iran

The Spineless Won has changed his mind [if that political animal has one] since April. The capitulation to Putin only proves Obambi is as much of a thin reed of a boy-man as Putin guessed.

Double-digit IQ Joe Biden gave an indication of the credibility of this ridiculous invitation to Russian hawks to resume pushing westward by making the announcement himself, a sure indication of the levity and frivolous nature of this retreat from world power.

Since Hillary Rodham had to sign on, it's another indication of a foreign policy going nowhere except to retreat. To celebrate the removal of the missile shield, Russia concluded a massive arms deal with Venezuela. Not to be outdone, China announced a $16 billion acquisition of fuel from the Venz to be transported through the Panama Canal, which serial traitor James Earl Carter conveniently allowed the PRC to take over as another of his amazing foreign policy coups.

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