Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is Obama a Socialist or does he Just Hate Capitalism

Obama is raising our taxes and even the supine George Stephanopoulos called him on it. Any American in his new social democrat mixed economy would pay a hefty $3000+ per family if said citizen went uninsured. He is raising taxes on drug companies as well even though their 'exorbitant profits' are nowhere near those of software and brewing companies.
Mr. Obama's dig at profits reveals a certain disdain for markets. Health insurers have a 3.3% profit margin, less than the 4.6% average for all businesses in the country. Drug companies do enjoy, on average, a 17% profit margin. But that's still less than software companies, which earn on average a 22% profit margin. Brewers make 18%. Are these industries the next targets for a revenue hungry Obama administration?

That "certain disdain for markets" pervades the socialist nonsense of this glorified Chicago alderman about five levels above his God-given skill sets. Along with pervasive corruption and his dishonest distancing himself from it: "I didn't know ACORN received government money..." and "I was unaware of Rev. Wright's strong black racism...." [the latter is exaggerated], Obama is railroading the American people into buying a pig in a poke. Rather, we've already bought it and now find out it isn't the silk purse we were promised at the blind auction.

He is already Jimmy Carter in ruining our future with $9 trillion and is on his way to being the Robert Mugabe of the western hemisphere. Where is Ian Smith when we need him? The people of Harare have been asking that question for decades and soon we will be pining for the days of Jimmy Carter's double digit inflation, interest rates and unemployment.

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