Monday, September 28, 2009

Obama versus Democracy and Free Elections? It Could Happen Here!

Honduras is an example of Obama's anti-democratic government tilt in diplomacy. First, Obama has been extremely tough on Israel while welcoming a terrorist [ret.] like Qaddafi into his fold. Then in Honduras, after both houses of the legislature and a 15-0 vote removes a caudillo-wannabe like Zelaya from office, Obama supports the Chavez-Ortega-Lulu stooge. Is this on a par with his removing Polish missile sites on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion from the East? Not quite that level, which like the incorrect word in Russian for "RESET," lies at the door of Hillary Rodham Incompetent [alrhough she accuses Gen. McChrystal of being the same].

You get the picture. The Keystone Kop foreign policy of this petty tyrant matches the incompetent attempts to take over the US health system, with opaqueness and misdirection throughout the process. The only reason he attempts to lie, cheat, and steal his way to destroying the American economic system is thorough a pliant national media, whose fawning mendacity matches Obama's flip-flops on almost every issue he makes a decision on. Is this the result of a "chickified" process-driven administration led by a Mama's-Boy-in-Chief? Pelosi's refusal for a THREE DAY examination on line and Baucus's mad rush to exit the ObamaCare out of committee [Kerry said "nobody reads it anyway"] exemplify this governing elite's contempt for any controls.

I hope the Roberts Court rules the entire ObamaCare Rush-to-Legislate [with an inception date of 2013 for enforcement, just to assure BHusseinO's reelection!] unconstitutional. I wonder who will raise the issues in court?

Obama wants Zelaya back in office so he himself will only be the second-worst president in the hemisphere.

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