Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Leader Brobambi PLedges Transparency, Delivers Opaque Obscurantism

Polish Betrayal Behind Him, Brobambi is now talking to his chief foreign policy advisor for the Middle East, Muammer Qaddafi [whose name in the local Arabic slang means "camel vomit.] Muammer may become Brobambi's Advisor for life if his wish in front of the UN today for Obama Forever is rewarded by Allah with good favor.

In the meantime, Brobambi's rush to socialize American medicine proceeds rapidly, as Max the Hocus Pocus Baucus rushes an unaccountable version through Senate Committee without CBO study [John Kerry, combing his hair, noted that this would amount to a stalling tactic.]

Transparency, Obscurantism, it's all the same to a traitor to the Constitution.

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