Sunday, September 27, 2009

Slate tells America Not to be Proud of the Roberts Court

Dahlia Lithwick makes no pretense about being non-partisan. Read her linked article to find out how harmful shooting down McCain-Feingold is because that silly First Amendment is honored far too muchinr Dahlia's perspective. Shouldn't let constitutional verities stand in the way of Progressive political agendas. Here's a tidbit from legal commissar Dahlia:
Trying to square the tone of that argument with the Gallup pole [sic] results of the same week requires ignoring either one or the other almost entirely. But that's where the public confusion kicks in. Because a similarly dramatic oral argument in a seminal voting rights case last term revealed a majority of the court that was almost as sneeringly contemptuous of the onerous "preclearance provision".......

Besides the fact that her spell-check doesn't work on the words "poll" and "pole," just as her mind doesn't work on subtle nuances between "right" and "wrong," this is political slapstick. To Dahlia, if it's "left," it's automatically alright and never wrong. Sadly, the American people obviously aren't paying attention to Dahlia because the Roberts Court is rising in popularity.. As she says, according to the "poles." Off line, you can read her dreck in Newsweak, where it fits right in with the "Surreality-based world community" that scribbles drivel in that rapidly declinng dead-tree [unintentionally] satirical rag. How sad America can't understand that her guidance is for their own enlightenment and ultimate good!?!

Oh, the humanity!

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