Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sarah Palin Death Panels Now NHS Policy in UK?

So maybe Sarah Palin was on the right track with the "Death Panel" metaphor? When a "team of doctors" or any sort of committee gets involved in health issues, it appears a sort of medical "Gresham's Law" pops up and bad advice drives out the good. And expanding services means inevitably limiting resources, which in turn makes the NHS a sort of Dr. Mengele trope [all with good intentions and muddling through in the best British manner].

Mothers birthing in hospital corridors, patients waiting eight months for a colonoscopy [Canada], my own [younger] brother died in Perth of shoddy care by the state health system of Western Australia, and the list goes on while a dishonest US press & uncritical academic/health elite try to foist ObamaCare on an unwilling population.

For me the overwhelming question on the ObamaCare Plan will remain how long will House Speaker Granny Rictus have to wait for her botox injections? Change the hair a bit and the death-mask becomes Medusa!

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