Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dear Leader Brobambi Closes Down Successful DC Voucher Program

The Obamabotomy & his partners in crime the NEA/AFTA,have shut down the only educational program keeping DC from total illiteracy [about 70% now]. If it wasn't clear before, now black America can rest assured it is being betrayed by the Mulatto-in-chief[whose ancestors included no slaves, but a Kansas slave-owner and a Kenyan/Arab slaver].
President Obama's speech to students this week got plenty of attention, and many conservatives looked foolish by fretting about "indoctrination." They would have done far more good joining those who protested on Tuesday against the President's decision to shut down a school voucher program for 1,700 low-income kids in Washington, D.C.

"It's fundamentally wrong for this Administration not to listen to the voices of citizens in this city," said Kevin Chavous, the former D.C. Council member who organized the protest of parents and kids ignored by most media. Mr. Chavous, a Democrat, is upset that the White House and Democrats in Congress have conspired to shut down the program even though the government's own evaluation demonstrates improved test scores.

The nationwide black/white achievement gap has grown in recent years, and it's significantly wider than it was two decades ago. Yet the Obama Administration, in deference to teachers unions that oppose school choice, is shuttering a voucher program that is narrowing the racial learning gap.

"The D.C. voucher program has proven to be the most effective education policy evaluated by the federal government's official education research arm so far," writes the Education Department's chief evaluator Patrick Wolf in the current issue of Education Next. "On average, participating low-income students are performing better in reading because the federal government decided to launch an experimental school choice program in our nation's capital."

Democrats had pledged that if the D.C. Council supported the voucher program, they'd revisit it. "The government of Washington, D.C., should decide whether they want [the voucher program] in their school district," declared Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, who sponsored the provision to kill the program. Well, a majority of the D.C. Council has since sent lawmakers a letter expressing support. Yet Democrats are still preventing Congress from living up to its end of the deal and voting to restore funding. Meanwhile, Mr. Obama sends his own daughters to the best private school in the District.

The media, busy announcing the death of Drudge and ignoring the Van Jones firing, can't be bothered. Except for Chris [Tweety Bird] Matthews, who's busy inducing quivering leg throbbings in himself trying to drag Dear Leader Brobambi out of his free fall in the polls.

Oh yeah, and that "worst recession since the thirties" is over, compliments of the MSM. [Brobambi is Carter Redux, who actually caused the worst recession since the thirties" which was cured by a Truly Great Leader. Brobambi will be gone in 2012 and while the Mayan End of Days occurs [for the Dems in their worst nightmare since 1980], the Republicans can come back and rebuild.

Welcome back, Carter.

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