Thursday, September 17, 2009

FoxNEWS Primetime Viewership Exceeds Combined Viewers of ALL other Cable News

Ranting by sport-of-nature Maddow and Keith Overbite's rampages with the facts aren't the only downside. L'il "Teabagger" Anderson Cooper of CNN's 360 is sinking in the quicksand of his gaydar musings and only Lou Dobbs seems to keep his nose above the waterline on the C[orrupt]N[ews]N[etwork]. Nancy Grace lost any eyeballs worth counting by blaming the Duke lacrosse players of rape when the ho' in question was a serial rape-victim ['crying wolf or in this case rape"].

Of course, Fox does have credible opposition figures from the other side, which egomaniac KO & weirdo Maddow can't handle.
UPDATE Glenn Beck at 5PM had almost as many viewers at 3.4 million as Olbermann and Maddow with their entire 8-12PM line-up COMBINED! If Glenn were moved to BOR's slot, who is edging in a wobbly fashion toward The Vacuum Between Big Ears & Won's orc-crowd, he'd double BOR's figures, I'll bet.

Did anyone see Wolf Blitzer, former editor of the Jerusalem Post, get the only question on Jews and the Bible wrong on JEOPARDY last night? Andy Richter earned $68K [and a chance to play again] for St. Jude's while Blitzer was in the minus-column, where his weird news show on C[orrupt] N[ews]N[etwork] belongs.

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