Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jonah Goldberg on the Right Wing Killed JFK Myth

Jonah demonstrates the patented self-deluding mindset of the Groupthink Left and their Hollyweirdo allies, the Oliver Stones with third-rate minds and hearts filled with hate for the USA. As JG puts it:
Amid the fog of denial, remorse, and confusion over the Kennedy assassination, an informal strategic response developed that would serve the purposes of the burgeoning New Left as well as assuage the consciences of liberals generally: transform Kennedy into an allpurpose martyr for causes he didn’t take up and for a politics he didn’t subscribe to.

JFK and Joe McCarthy were best of friends when they both came to DC in the '46 House of Reps, both veterans and Irish. Bobby became Joe McCarthy's chief legislative assistant, a fact that is buried in the Memory Hole where facts unpalatable to the libtards go to die. I saw Bobby speak at Marquette High in Milwaukee in '58 as he prepared the state for the '60 Wisconsin primary, where JFK bested Hubert Horatio Hornblower in a bitterly fought contest in HHH's neighboring state. I actually saw JFK in a motorcade in the '60 primary in Milwaukee, just a fleeting glimpse. Anyone who knows anything about JFK, and I've read two dozen books, knows that despite the Camelot Disinformation Clouds of pixie dust thrown into the air by hagiographers, JFK might have been killed as the result of a KGB or Castro-engineered plot that went shockingly correct. One ex-CIA fellow says a top Russian told him in the '90s that Khrushchev had warmed to JFK after the Cuban missile crisis, but Castro was seething with hatred and aware of numerous CIA efforts to have him terminated with extreme prejudice. Castro had screamed at Nikita K during the crisis to begin a nuke attack on the USA rather than withdraw the missiles. NK wasn't going that route.

No libtard would ever admit that their beloved Fidel would have killed JFK, but there's a lot of evidence two Cuban operatives fled the Dallas scene to Mexico City, whence they were spirited from the Embassy [the same one lil Oswald had visited] to Havana. Oswald may have been the fall guy or got off two lucky shots, but there were things and evidence conveniently not addressed, as no one wanted another thermonuke confrontation any time soon. Wars of national liberation were the thing of the moment and the one thing JFK would have done would have gone into Vietnam. Jonah is right that he didn't have the inclination to do the civil rights thing the way LBJ had.

History from the libtard script always tries to put the right in the docket when they themselves eff up which is more often than not. Opposing versions are hooted at and derided without being investigated thoroughly. The academicide elites have this drill down to a science, about the only thing they're good at. Tenure brings privileges and lawyers are always in the wings waiting to jump on conservatives who go too far in their twisted book of rules.

Watch the Obamacare parade start to dissolve as Menendez turns Health Care into Immigration Reform and the iron bar is put on the ObamaCare House of Cards. It'll be all the Repubs and nasty conservatives, who get their fingers bitten off and beat up by union thugs, yeah, it's their fault poor people won't have health care!

Just saying....

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