Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lucretia Pelosi Keeps Protecting ACORN---Does She Deserve a Pimp-Slap?

John Fund has an excellent summary of ACORN's sins of commissiion and omission, mortal and venial, which cannot be found in the "fishwrap of record" called the NYT. This sentence jumps out at the reader:
Acorn's allies in Congress have long stopped every move to rein it in. Rep. Steve King (R., Iowa), for example, has tried six times to get House floor votes restricting Acorn's access to federal funds but has been blocked by Speaker Nancy Pelosi's hand-picked Rules Committee members. Some Democrats have grumbled. Michigan's John Conyers, chair of the Judiciary Committee, urged a hearing be held on Acorn abuses in March, but later told the Washington Times "the powers that be decided against it."

When even a notorious under-the-table artist like Conyers thinks ACORN is worthy of investigation, you know something is rotten in the District of Columbia. What was that slogan Nancy wanted to use in '06 for the Congressional Campaign, "Contract on America?"

What she and her House Dem allies are doing is worthy of a Mafia hit contract on the Constitution and good government in the USA. I guess her slogan fits, in her botox-riddled mindset.

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