Friday, September 12, 2008

Why Palin [Short Putts] the Democrats Bat Guano Caa-raazy

Morris & McGann have a great little NYPost piece on the current hysterical hyperventilating frenzy the Dems are experiencing imitating a grand mal seizure.[h/t: Clayton Cramer]
Democrats can't stomach seeing the feminist movement's impetus for greater female political participation and empowerment "hijacked" by a pro-life woman who espouses traditional values. They must obliterate her, lest her popularity eat away at their party's core.

So the Democrats are hysterical in their attacks on her. South Carolina's Democratic Party chairwoman, Carol Fowler (wife of a national party chairman), said that the only qualification Palin had for vice president was that she hadn't had an abortion. Tabloids are digging up dirt on Palin's children. And liberal bloggers have suggested that Palin would neglect her children if she were elected (while the Democratic candidate has young children at home, too).

That liberals would resort to such blatant sexism shows their desperation.

But the Fox News poll of Sept. 8-9 indicates a deeper reality of Palin's popularity. On the question of which of the four candidates best understands what day-to-day life is like in America, Palin finished first, with 33 percent. (Obama drew 32 percent, McCain 17 percent and Biden 10 percent.)

She's not popular because she's a radical feminist or pro-choice advocate. It's because she understands what it's like to be a woman in 21st century America.

The elitist snobs in the limousine liberal leftist Dems are trying to sell [that word again!] America a "pig in a poke."
Obama's record has been airbrushed or ignored unless it fits the Anointed One's too-good-to-be-true sanitized bio. They hate Hannity because he has brought Ayers & Rev. Wright out from the shadows---Obama seems to bring up Sean inordinately often. The fact that Obama has less executive [or even business] experience than Sarah Palin grates on them. He is truly an "Invisible Man" of the Ralph Ellison novel. His transcripts & thesis at Columbia U. have "disappeared," like the Rose Law Firm re cords in Little Rock. His legal work for Rezko has been kept under wraps, although the convicted felon does not now have any need for privacy---why can't the country know how Obama was financed by Rezko. Oops, turns out most of Obama's State Senate race records are also "lost." And the records of the Annenberg Project which Obama & Ayers worked on are "unavailable. Who's kidding whom? As for Sarah:
She's never ascended to the elite, so she doesn't need to stoop to conquer as most well-heeled feminist leaders must. She lives far from the plastic pseudoreality where a fossilized ideology substitutes for human compassion and empathy. As such, she rises above the slogans of both the left and the right and proposes to bring to Washington a dose of reality - a taste of real life.

She may become the first woman in national office - yet the Democrats, feminists and liberals can't control her, and that burns them up.

Elections come and go, but Palin is a far more fundamental threat to the Democratic Party. And that's why they fear her so.

Sarah is the breath of fresh air this country needs, not a confection invented by the MSM with more hidden records [remember Kerry's promise to release his Navy records?] than any previous candidate, and a paper-thin resume of a two-year Senate term before he ran for POTUS.

The Dems' carefully crafted applecart and the dirty tricks that got them Congress in '06, all unexamined by the MSM, are also unexamined in '08. Not one major MSM outlet has done more than a cursory nod toward digging into Obama's past, yet Wasilla is crawling with Dem operatives.

Sarah has saved the country from buying a pig in a poke, and for that we should hold her in high regard.

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