Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama's "Lost Years"

The Wall Street Journal might have asked the question: Why do we know more about Trig Palin, a six-month old, than we do about Obama's years at Columbia U.?

I do believe that the McCain camp has a lot of potentially "fissile" material in the "lost" Obama Columbia U. thesis on confronting the Soviets on nuclear issues. The WSJ mentions the "lost" thesis & Obama's missing academic records [while the leftist MSM trumpets far and wide McCain's position near the bottom of his Annapolis class].

The WSJ doesn't ask about the "lost" records of his race for State Senate in Illinois, the sequestered Annenberg Project materials in which he worked with Bill Ayers & B. Dohrn, the legal work Obama did for his convicted felon friend and financier Rezko.

Also, while supersleuths in Wasilla & Juneau & Anchorage pore through archives and dumpster-dive for any stuff on Sarah & Famly, the Chicago Trib & Sun-Times have unearthed zilch, nada, rien de tout, zippo about the mentoring of Michelle by B. Dohrn at Kirkland & Ellis, a brownshoe lawfirm in Chicago, and Michelle's bringing Barack to the same firm, with Dohrn still supervising the "interns" as a "paralegal" a year later. [So Michelle & Barack were "mentored" by a convicted felon in their internship in a law firm, though the media hasn't managed to find that out in 19 months!]

There are a lot of missing pieces in Obama's background the pliant and complicit MSM have "overlooked."

On purpose.

Why not investigate these things instead of Track Palin's alleged abuse of oxycontin & cocaine?

And six-month old Trig's resume is about as thick as Obama's, as an opaque veil continues to hang over large chunks of his past. Indeed, nobody at Columbia in '81-83 [when I was a monthly member of The Columbia Middle East Seminar] seems to remember him. Does he have something to hide or was he merely a C-student like GWB, Kerry, & Al Gore [GWB had the highest GPA of these three academic mediocrities.]

We won't find out from questioning by the MSM. Bill O'Reilly gave it a good shot on some subjects, but softballs are all anyone else lobs at BHO. Lil SNL Brian, Keith-O, Tweety & Wolf-man & Larry Stillalive sure won't probe at all.

Maybe Katie Couric has the balls to ask him about "the lost years!!"

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